Sea of Faces | See Their Faces

The Foundation for Survivors of Abuse is excited to work with O’Loughlin Photography to launch Sea of Faces | See Their Faces; a collaborative photography project born from conversations over the years with legislators about time limitations preventing child sexual abuse survivors from seeking justice. The breadth and depth of the impact of child sexual abuse can be difficult for others to understand. Survivors are not broken but instead are strong, beautiful, courageous individuals. Survivors deserve access to the judicial system regardless of the amount of time that has passed. 

Photographs and survivor stories that illustrate the vast number of child sexual abuse survivors and spotlight survivors’ strength, resilience, and grace.

Project Mission:

To raise awareness and educate state and federal legislators, and the public about the prevalence of child sexual abuse by creating and displaying images of adult child sexual abuse survivors.

Project Vision:

Federal and state legislators and citizens understand that child sexual abuse is a trauma of pandemic proportions requiring time for prosecution.

 Project Culmination:

An exhibition opening in a Washington D.C. gallery. The walls are covered from ceiling to floor with image after image after image of survivors – black and white headshots. The sea; an unending sea of survivors.

Throughout the sea are stories – portraits – of child sexual abuse survivors from across the United States of America and Puerto Rico. The portraits are the survivors’ statement of who they are at that moment in time. A moment that captures their current story. See their faces.

Later, the exhibition will be broken down, packaged, and shipped to advocacy organizations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico for education designed to raise awareness about the pervasiveness and effects of child sexual abuse. Additionally, a book will be designed, printed, and sold with the funds going toward awareness and education.

WE NEED YOU! It takes a village.

Prevention, Justice, and Healing

Survivors deserve access to the judicial system regardless of the amount of time that has passed. We must work together to remove the time limit on justice and healing for survivors everywhere, and use our voices to protect the most innocent from further harm.